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Looking for expert Miami, Ft Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach mold testing services? Curious about the quality and integrity of our company?


Do you need a professional mold inspection company to help inspect and diagnose possible mold problems in your home but you have no idea of who to choose?

Read the below information to discover why should you trust our mold testing and mold inspection service with such an important issue?

1) A Accredited has no conflict of interest.
Most people offering to pay you a visit are mold remediators and not mold inspection specialists. Such people have a strong financial incentive to report mold regardless of if you actually have a mold problem or not. Not only is this like putting the mouse in charge of guarding the cheese, but it is also illegal in the State of Florida for one firm to inspector for mold and remove mold from the same property in the same year. Do not find yourself in this situation. Hire a non biased specialist to give you the information you need and not the information that someone else wants you to believe.

2) A Accredited has the Experience you need.
We are not the only West Palm Beach Based mold inspection service, but we are certainly one of the most experienced. We started providing home inspection in 1994 and mold inspection in 2003. Do not pay someone hundreds of dollars to cone to your home for on the job training. Hire someone who had seen your specific issue perhaps hundreds of times before.

3) We have more certifications than most:

While all legitimate mold inspectors in Florida are licensed not all have the same level of expertise. What sets one mold inspector from another is often the certifications they carry. Your local mold inspector has more certifications than the vast majority of consultants in the area:

Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

PCI formally known As
The Certified Mold Inspector & Contractor Institute
Certified Mold Inspector

PCI formally known As
The Certified Mold Inspector & Contractor Institute
Certified Mold Remediator

GHH Engineering, Inc.
Certified Environmental Inspector

The Environmental Assessment Association
Certified Mold Inspector
The Environmental Assessment Association
Certified Allergen Inspector

National Association of Home Inspectors
Certified Residential Home Inspector

Let our South Florida Mold Inspector Answer Your Questions.

Serving Palm Beach county Miami Dade County and Broward County Florida with professional mold testing services and air quality testing since 2003.

Are members of your family experiencing allergy like symptoms such as:
Watery eyes?
Itchy throat?
Runny nose?

Is anyone in your household dealing with sudden asthma problems with symptoms like:
Difficulty breathing?
The ability to exhale but not inhale?
Tightness of chest?
Wheezing sounds when breathing?
Dose you home have a musty smell?

Think you may have mold but see nothing and are just not sure? If you answered yes to any of the above you may need our non bias help putting the pieces of the puzzle together.


A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. serves all of Dade County Florida with mold inspection services.
When you need our help give us a call.
1 (888) 381-6651




Let us be your local Miami Mold Testing, Ft Lauderdale Mold Testing, and West Palm Beach mold testing services provider.

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