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Curious about our company?West Palm Beach Mold Inspection report
We are West Palm Beach mold inspection company serving
local residents with professional and reliable solutions to mold
and air quality issues in Palm Beach County and all of South East Florida.

A Bit About Us.

Since September of 2003 we at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. have been recognized by the ACAC as Certified Indoor Environmentalists.
With this designation our West Palm Beach mold inspection and air quality testing experts have provided reliable detection services at commercial and residential building. We have been employed by homeowners, building managers, property managers, renters, and mold attorneys. We have helped clients resolve water intrusion issues, mysteries surrounding foul odors and building related illness, mold problems, and more. If you are in need of help from a non-bias and knowledgeable West Palm Beach mold inspector or if you need the services of an air quality testing consultant in your home or office give us a call.


What is the ACAC ?

The ACAC  provides some of the best credentials in the mold and indoor air quality industries, ACAC grew from a respected membership based organization to a nationally recognized organization on 1-1-06. “Integrity, Credibility and Independence” has been a motto and the foundation of it’s programs. ACAC is accredited by the Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards. ACAC sees over the qualifications of many of the elite local professionals in the mold and IAQ industry. The organization has the responsibility as a non bias third party to see that mold inspectors and air quality consultants skill levels, knowledge, and training are up to par with ACAC’s strict industry standards and with your expectations of what a professional should be capable of. Both engineering based and Board awarded the ACAC has the ONLY independent, accredited, board-awarded accreditations in the IAQ indoor air quality industry, it is locally and nationally recognized and accepted!

The highly respected Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards or (CESB) accredits each and every program including the ACAC on its own merits.
The CESB-accredited fields include:


Indoor Environmental Conditions
Infrared Thermography
Structural Drying
Infection Control
IAQ Management

When looking for West Palm Beach mold inspectors or mold inspection and testing companies for West Palm Beach, or indoor air quality consultants anywhere in the state or for that matter anywhere in the nation make sure they have been tested and approved by the ACAC.



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