Client Reviews For A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc.

 A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc.

Our mold inspection service has excellent reviews from many past clients going back to 2003. We provide mold inspection, mold testing, and indoor air quality consultation services for commercial clients, residential homeowners, apartment renters, and realtors. If you are looking for a company you can trust then give us a call. We can also refer you to local companies that provide other types of inspection.



Thank you so much for your most thorough mold inspection and report.  I really appreciate your genuine concern for satisfying a flood victim’s concerns.  I have already been recommending you to a few people in conversation, and have your card and “stickies’ for further info to pass along upon request.

Jimmy Cole.


Client reviews for A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. In West Palm Beach Florida.

Thanks Daryl for your thorough & professional job. You have gained a return customer & I will also recommend to anyone inquiring about mold inspections.



I haven’t seen a report so comprehensive and professional from even our highest paid consultants at the Court where I worked so many years.

Great job, sincerely.


Thank you so much for the thorough inspection not just mold but of the house as well. Thanks for going above and beyond, Ill make sure I will recommend you to any of my friends when needed.

Daryl you may have saved our lives. We’ve been dealing with a fish smell in our home. Had
service providers look for dead animals, replaced washer/dryer, floor
in room, vents cleaned etc. Still the smell would periodically return
during summer. This week smell so bad that I read your article
(dead fish smells – or – fish odor article.)
Discovered that 3 breakers on AC circuit had
burned a large hole in the back of the breaker.
We are fortunate that no fire occurred.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge… helped solve a problem and maybe saved
our home and lives.


Good review from clients Mr. and Mrs Beldzik. Thank you very much for the the mold inspection service and the report were very specific and we were very happy with the work Daryl did.
Rebeca & Robert Beldzik


Again, much appreciation, Daryl. Truly an artist at your profession. Have a good evening……



Mike M
Your inspection was AWESOME
After two other mold inspectors, one AC person, and one remediator who all looked at my property you were the only one with any real answers and solutions.



Thank you so very much for your top notch investigation. We appreciate all of your work. We will keep in touch with you and would like for you to come out after all of the work gets done to confirm that it was all done properly and that the mold is gone. In addition, thank you for referring Manny Perez to us. We met with him this evening and felt very confident that his company will provide excellent services also. Please give our regards to your wife, Marian. All the best,

Alex and Michelle


Good morning Daryl

Thanks for all your valuable help and the fountain of knowledge you have provided to us, it has been truly appreciated. You are very dedicated to your craft and a very caring and detailed inspector/ person. Thank you for looking out for my Mom’s best interest and concern for her health. May you continue to succeed in your endeavors.

Sincerely, Olivera and Martinez

Client reviews are above.

Richard Radcliff (Greenacres city councilman and Realtor) 561-965-1203 561-351-7676
Lee Monica (Twin Lakes Association) 772-370-4991
Tim McGilvray (Mechanical Engineer)305-592-5910 305-986-3440
Edward Ames (Ames Appraisal Services) 561-296-5152
Mary Ann (River bridge Property Owners Association) 561-968-6054
Dr. Eryou PHD (Eryou Engineering ) 239-530-4301
Pat Moran (1st State Bank ) 305-745-2514 305-797-0453
Jim Singelton ( Citrus Bank ) 217-355-0900 847-354-7503
Martin Yerfino (Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Certified Mold Inspector)
(954) 931-6212 / Toll Free: 1800-801-1727
Joel Wilson 954-680-4622
Mold Attorney Legal References
Robert Miller or Stacy Soloff (Tabas, Freedman Soloff & Miller, P.A.) 305-375-8171
Richard Lovenski (Lovenski Law Firm) 941-751-8000
Daniel Goldstien ( Law Firm ) 305-670-1148
Mold Remediators
Manny Perez (Remediator) 954-931-8154
Paul Swneey (Remediator ) 305-743-0114 305-481-4885


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