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When choosing a mold testing firm each location of the nation has different requirements, but requirements are similar in most areas. In South Florida you obviously want to know that the person who arrives at your door is a certified mold inspector, is licensed where applicable and is proficient at taking mold samples and has knowledge and experience when it comes to diagnosing defects that causes mold problems.

Before that mold inspector / stranger arrives at the front door of your Parkland home expecting a check for hundreds of dollars you want to know that the investigator meets all the above referenced requirements. Lets break the requirements down into two simple requirements and one not so simple requirement.

Requirement I

They must be certified. Being certified as a mold inspector or mold tester in South Fl and most other states very often means that person completed a two day course costing a few hundred dollars. No one oversees what the certification mills are teaching in most states, thus becoming certified can be quite easy this makes it easy for you to find a ton of certified mold inspectors in any large cities phone book. In fact if a natural disaster such as a large floor or a hurricane occurs in Parkland area home you should expect certified Parkland mold inspectors and remediators to pop out of the wood work overnight like coprinus mushrooms growing out of water damaged walls. Fortunately more and more states are requiring licenses of mold inspectors and remediators, many states have no license or requirements at all, just voluntary certifications are available in most states.

Requirement II

They must be proficient at taking mold samples. Unfortunately for many inspectors their level of knowledge, expertise, curiosity, and training stops at this very basic level and they advance no further in the field than being able to take a sample.

If mold inspections were as simple as taking a sample then everyone should be doing mold inspections. Push a button, take a sample, collect hundreds of dollars. One week later tell the client the scientific names of the spores in their air, the numbers of spores in the air, and the color of the mold. Offer no idea on why you have a mold issue or how to control it and go on to the next few hundred dollars.

Most homeowners, and a few beginner inspectors do not understand that simple certifications, and simple air testing is not what it is all about, in fact testing is just the beginning. In many cases 90% of the inspectors service goal is achieved before the first sample is ever taken.

An inspectors goal is often to gather and compile information that helps him or her draw conclusions, and make recommendations that can aid in identifying what caused the mold problem and how to correct it.

Requirement III
Mold specialists should attempt to determine how far did it spread, is it a likely a serious threat to most people, and what needs to be done to properly correct the problem in a way that it does not cause health issues for those removing the mold.
Last but far from least, the mold testing specialists should always attempt to determine and document the root cause of the mold problem so it can be repaired, otherwise the problem will likely return. Sometimes cause determination is simple and at other times it is not.
This means that your South Florida mold testing expert must in addition to being able to read a simple lab report must also be familiar with plumbing, roofing, wall structure, and various common building envelope defects.

A mold testing firm’s inspector must have knowledge of building construction, and building forensics, or home inspections.
It is of up most importance that they also understand air conditioners as the interior of these ubiquitous devices are one of the favorite growth sites for fungal contamination. It is very beneficial for the inspector to open the AC for internal inspections if they know how to do so safely, and if allowed in your area.

In many cases the inspector will only be inspecting one area of the property. Other times your inspector must be able, willing, and ready, to inspect every readily accessible and safe square foot of the interior and exterior of a typical property for very roughly 3 hours, and enter the attic and crawl space if needed.

At A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. Our Pembroke Pines mold inspectors inspect only thus have no conflict of interest, we only have your health as our concern. A Accredited is a fully qualified certified mold assessment company performing building investigations on both commercial and residential properties. We cannot guarantee to find all hidden mold cause and origin related defects, neither can any inspector, however your inspector should make an attempt to document the problems in the area(s) that were agreed to be inspected.
In conclusion in Parkland, Plantation, and Pembroke Pines, all mold testing must be done in conjunction with a detailed inspection, the person providing the inspection and testing must be very knowledgeable of hundreds of common building defects that cause moisture, condensation, and humidity. In addition your inspector must be able to figure out defects that they have never seen before and put all observations and conclusions into a comprehensive but understandable report.

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