Mold Testing Limitations

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Testing for Mold V.S. Inspections for Mold 

Many of our clients call asking for a mold testing. (How much to come do a mold test in my home they often ask.

During inspections clients often feel that the testing part is more important that the inspection part.

I have taken samples at every inspection I have ever conducted, and these samples are an important piece of evidence, and the more samples the better. However the evidence that can be gained by a trained mold specialist using his or her eyes to see mold, nose to smell mold, ears to listen to clients stories of humidity problems, and moisture intrusion occurrences is more important than mold testing results that tell us number of spores in the air.

Logic, common sense, and experience are more reliable and productive tools for diagnosing the nature of a mold problem about 90% of the time that what an analysis in a lab hundreds of miles away can tell you about your house and its mold problem.

Once again samples are important and so are mold labs. In fact, in my opinion one of the best tools for predicting a mold problem inside a wall is an air sample from inside that wall. Inner wall air samples are indispensable predictive tools that should be used more often by inspectors anytime red flags indicate a possible problems at a specific wall. Unfortunately time constrains on the inspector, and cost constrains on the client make it impossible to take as many inner wall samples as should be taken in most cases.

The point of this article is not to discredit mold testing or labs in any way but to dispel the myth that the mold inspectors primary job is to sample mold and that the inspection is some impotent motion that the inspector goes through.

Below is information form an article about why we should test for mold. Actually the article is more about why we should not test for mold and as an experienced inspector I can tell you that the scientist ideas listed below are true. Mold testing should not be relied on as some holy grail in the industry, but it is just one part of a larger inspection process. In fact mold sampling is flawed for many reasons.

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