Mold Testing in Yachts

YachtsProviding mold inspections for Yachts, Cars, and RV’s.

Mold Growth in Yachts Cars and RV’s Can Make Your Family Very Ill. Being located in West Palm Beach Florida A Accredited Mold Inspection Service has preformed mold testing on yachts and large fishing boats in Rivera Beach, Palm Beach, and Ft Lauderdale. We have also inspected cars for both mold problems and chemical odors. Mold odors in Yachts and in the AC units that service them is a very pervasive problem in hot humid Florida as well as the Caribbean. Feel free to call us if you have issues that need to be investigated, and documented, and if you need guidance for rectifying the problem.

It seems like people are most concerned about finding and eliminating mold in their homes more that any other place and rightfully so. You home is where you spend most of your time and you need to do what you can to keep your home environment mold free. There are other places you come in contact with in addition to your home, that need to be inspected for mold before you spend time in them. If you get sick or detect odors in a yacht, hotel, a summer home,  or RV , you need to suspect consider the possibility of mold infestation. In some cases businesses can be held legally responsible for your suffering.

Just recently a Florida couple, the family of John and Sandra DiSalvatore, has filed suit claiming their family became deathly ill after spending time in an RV they had recently purchased, which allegedly leaked through a defective window seal undetected, and produced a mold infestation. After spending considerable time in the RV, each family member started feeling ill with headaches, coughing and sneezing.  These are common symptoms of mold inhalation. After positively determining that mold was present in the RV, each family member had tests run to determine if mold in the RV was responsible for their illnesses.

What the mold tests found was shocking. One member of the family  was shown to have had developed an “abundant” “enterobacter species” infection, and tested positive for “trichothecene,” a potentially lethal toxin. The youngest son also tested positive for “trichothecene ” as well as E. coli. The oldest son, tested positive for ”pseudomonas aeruginosa,” a severe condition that can lead to severe illness or even death, and “ochratoxin-A,” a toxin produced by mold that has been classified as a possible human carcinogen.  The father says lab results reveal he is at risk from a moderate growth of enterococcus.


Whether or not the family wins their lawsuit, it is clear that mold can grow virtually anywhere high humidity and warm temperatures exist. Have you thought to have you automobile, recreational vehicle, or yacht checked for mold growth? You need to call the mold testing specialists at A Accredited Mold Inspection Services. We are a professional mold inspection company that can help inspect and diagnose possible mold problems that occur in very unexpected places.


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