Mold Inspections in Government Buildings

Florida State Government Worker’s Health at Risk from Toxic Black Mold
Nobody including our government officials want to have to spend money on something that they were getting for free, namely a healthy, mold-free environment to work in. Government officials are often hesitant to want mold inspections in government buildings, they do not want to have a mold inspection done in a government building because they do not want to expense of an inspection nor the stigma that a negative report may bring. Officials do not want to accept the opinions of mold-inspection services and mold remediation (removal) services as to whether or not their government building may have a mold problem as some people think that asking a mold removal company if they have a mold problem is akin to “asking a barber if they need a haircut” and rightfully so. Our industry like all others suffers from those who put their own profits ahead of the well-being of other people. So we at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. provide inspections and testing only with no conflict of interest, so even if you manage a massive government building with expensive mold issues you can be assured that our opinions and advice are non bias and not swayed by greed or other ulterior motives.

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Lobby of a 80,000 square foot government building we at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. inspected.

If your are dealing with mold or indoor air quality issues in your commercial or government building you are not alone.

Our firm once inspected an 80,000 square foot government building in the Caribbean. Workers made complaints about respiratory problems. An industrial hygienist they called in could not diagnose the problem. Our inspector conducted mold inspections at the commercial building for 3 days and found Stachybotrys aka known as toxic black mold. The mold was in most of the 18 massive AC closets and was the result of hidden roof leaks resulting from chiller pipes improperly penetrating the ceiling and roofs. We were able to diagnose the issue and make recommendations.

One expensive mold problem in a government building we recently became aware of was found in upstate Pensacola where administrators in the Federal Courthouse are under fire for not forcing their four floors of employees to evacuate to other premises while toxic black mold is removed, floor by floor from the county courthouse where they work everyday. They attribute the hazardous mold problem that has developed to a building-wide plumbing leak problem and to Florida’s generally humid tropical environment. The cost to fix the plumbing leakage and also remove the toxic black mold is estimated at 20 to 30 million dollars. It is the presence of mold and it’s unhealthy effects on federal workers that prompted the inspections in the first place.
Black mold.

Black mold growing in an AC closet in the Government building we inspected in the Caribbean.

According to The Pensacola New web site “The mold can affect people in different ways, said Florida Department of Health in Escambia County Director Dr. John Lanza.
“Mostly in this situation we’re looking at respiratory effects; scratchy throat, runny nose, cough,” he said. “It can make asthma worse, especially in children. For adults with chronic bronchitis or emphysema, it could make that worse. Mold is everywhere, especially in Florida, so we would suggest any facility that has a mold problem figure out what the best remediation efforts are.”
Cooling pipe in a commercial building in the Virgin Islands caused prolonged hidden roof leaks.

Cooling pipes in the above referenced government building caused prolonged hidden roof leaks that caused widespread mold.  We diagnosed the cause and made recommendations that enabled the resolution of the problem.

As you can see, independent professional government officials have acknowledged the potentially detrimental health effects of toxic black mold. Most of the hundreds of South Florida’s floors of government building rarely if ever have taken the initiative to inspect their building for the presence of mold due to the unbudgeted costs involved in fixing the problem. I suspect a few lawsuits aimed at high ranking government officials may get their head out of the sand and force them to take notice at the negligence they are displaying in not providing healthy federal office environments to the thousands of Florida’s State Government workers.
Florida State government officials may at times seem like it is part of their job description to merely kick unbudgeted health issues down the road. On the other hand, we at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service specialize in “inspection” only and that means that we have no interest in the outcome of the test results. Call us today for a free consultation and we can inspect your Florida State or Federal building and tell you if toxic black mold or any other environmental issue may be the cause or contributing to your employees health problems.

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