Miami Beach Mold Inspector

Are you in need of professional mold inspector in Miami Beach Florida ?

Since 2003 our professional Miami Beach mold inspector has provided professional services through A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. A state licensed and well respected firm offering services to homeowners, renters, and mold attorneys alike.

In order to help our clients know that they are receiving fair, non-bias, and trusted investigations and mold testing services, we have chosen to be a no conflict of interest company.

What does no conflict of interest mean you ask? This means we only offer inspections and do not provide remediation services. Because we provide no remediation services you can be assured we are only reporting mold problems that actually exist and not falsifying or exaggerating results in order to get mold removal work from you. We are here to provide assistance with your mold problem. We want to help you and not get mold removal work.

Our firm delivers a complete report. We detail cause and origin of molds found, type of mold present, and number of fungal spores at your property in the areas sampled. Besides just providing you with lab results our mold inspector in Miami Beach will e mail you a report that explains the location(s) and reasons for fungal growth, and information on additional environmental conditions such as moisture and humidity levels via testing with the latest equipment.

Why should you trust A Accredited:


1) When employing our testing services you will obtain a Florida State Licensed mold inspector in Miami Beach. He is a specialist who does more than test your air, he will answer questions and provide solutions. Our consultant has the highest skills and knowledge implied by a highly recognized certification. There are many certified Mold inspectors in Miami but we stand tall among all as we are certified by ACAC. This recognition requires a one week training course and two years of in the filed indoor air quality or mold related experience and two years of science education as prerequisites.



2) Be very cautious when trusting your families health and your homes condition in un-experienced hands. Our company has offered quality mold detection services in Miami since 2003 and building inspection services  since 1993.



3) A Accredited produces a detailed computer generated report that gives possible causes of mold problems as well as moisture readings, humidity readings, moldy odors detected by your inspector and more. The report also provides detailed remediation recommendations. Many competitors only give you a lab report with spores scientific names, because that in and of itself is of little or no practical use to you we will provide a lab report in addition to our own interpretive mold inspection report.

Not only do we utilize MIR software for compiling our report, we are also the creators of  the reporting system. MIR is used by mold and indoor air quality testing firms across America.  Thus you know you will have a mold inspection reporter on your Miami home or office that your toxic tort attorney, medical doctor, homeowners insurance company, or mold abatement company can use.

Do you need mold or indoor air quality inspections? Do you live in Miami Beach, South Beach, or for that matter anywhere in the area? If the answer is yes fell free to call us and schedule an appointment. The sooner you do the sooner our Mold Inspectors in the Miami Beach area can help put the pieces of the puzzle together.


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