Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Inspection


IAQ testing tools

Indoor Air Quality Testing Tools

Commercial mold inspections and Indoor air quality testing.
If you are in need of diagnostic services in a commercial building we can help. We provide indoor air quality testing for chemicals and odors, we also provide mold inspections. For commercial testing and inspections we provide services anywhere in Florida.
For residential clients we service South East Florida. Please visit our home page or give us a call.
At A Accredited we provide professional investigations and consultation services for commercial building managers as well as homeowners in need of guidance and advice related to building related illness and mysterious odors. For your indoor air quality testing and mold inspection needs call us.
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When general indoor air quality testing is conducted we utilize:
Summa canisters also known as TO-15 canisters, or thermal desorption tubes. Both the above can test for large numbers of volatile organic compounds that commonly cause indoor pollution problems in homes and offices. We also use gas detector tubes, carbon dioxide meters, and carbon monoxide meters that give on the spot analysis.
We will incorporate much of the above referenced equipment when conducting indoor air quality testing in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft Lauderdale indoor air quality testing. Our IAQ investigations are not designed to test your air but to solve problems.

During commercial mold inspections and indoor air quality investigations our specialist will use high quality testing instruments such as infrared cameras, moisture meters, and humidity meters. At times we also may use laser thermometers, psychometric charts, digital manometers or smoke pens, and other environmental testing equipment. Such will be utilized in monitoring various building environmental conditions that may help in understanding the cause of humidity, moisture, and mold problems.
Of course your inspector will also take the standard indoor and outdoor types of air samples to aid in ascertaining if indoor mold spore levels are elevated in relation to outdoor levels.

Most samples will consist of air samples, which will determine overall concentrations of mold spores per cubic meter of air at the time of inspection in representative occupied areas and complaint areas. Other samples may also be obtained by swab, dust, tape, bulk, and some possible inner wall samples in suspect areas.



Designation: Indoor Air Quality Association Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE)

Designation: Mold Inspectors and Contractors Institute (CMI)

Designation: GHH Engineering, Inc. (CEI)

Designation: The Environmental Assessment Association (CMI)

Designation: National Association of Home Inspectors ( NAHI )

School: South Technical Education Center Air Conditioning I (54 Hours) Air Conditioning II (54 Hours)

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Three years of experience as a health inspector.

Ten years of experience developing and providing indoor air quality testing and mold inspection services.

Serving: Palm beach County Dade County Broward County.


Dade County Mold inspector in

Miami Aventura Miami Beach Coral Gables Coconut Grove

Monroe County Mold Testing in

Florida Keys Key largo Islamorada Marathon Key West


For larger Inspections and commercial inspections we cover all of Florida and the Caribbean.

Offering a wide array of detection services including toxic mold or black mold problem help, chemical and air quality testing in, near, and around, all Southeast Florida counties including Palm Beach – Dade – and Broward Counties from Vero Beach to the Keys.

A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc.

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