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Thinking about a home mold inspection for a home you are considering buying?

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Mold Inspection When Buying a Florida Home
When buying a Florida home, don’t let your enthusiasm to close and eagerness to move in prevent you from crossing all your t’ s and dotting all the i’s. The most important part of buying a home is the home inspection, and don’t assume that the home inspector will exercise due diligence when it comes to examining your new home for dangerous and potentially toxic mold. Often a home mold inspection by a licensed mold assessor can be just as important if not more important.
When a home inspector goes to work, the thought of inspecting for mold may be the furthest thing from his or her mind. In the first stage of inspecting a home, an inspector will look for plumbing and roof leaks, and structural defects such as a cracked foundation or an improperly constructed addition. These are the “big ticket” items that generally cost thousands of dollars to repair and could potentially be a deal breaker. The inspector will look at items such as vents in the bathroom, laundry room and above the stove in the kitchen. He will check electrical panels and outlets. All HVAC vents and ducts will be checked to make sure they are in proper working condition.  They will also bring in a separate termite inspector to check for termites and wood decay. Mold however is often excluded from the home inspection and such statements that your home inspector is not a mold inspector will often be put into the small print of the report.
Hiring a professional home mold inspector can save you thousands of dollars in mold removal costs. Mold problems can often be the most expensive and most well hidden problem in any home for sale. Don’t assume the seller has taken it upon themselves to inspect and professionally remove mold, as it’s not their responsibility. On the contrary, many times a  home seller will simple paint, scrape or bleach over a visual mold area in order to mask the problem. A mold problem that is covered over is guaranteed to resurface at a later date if the underlying cause is not discovered and documented by a professional mold inspector and then corrected.  It is up to you, the home buyer to hire an independent professional mold inspector to do a thorough examination of the home you are about to purchase to make sure that there is no mold present. If the examination turns up mold, you can sometimes  force the seller to pay the cost of a complete mold removal treatment also known as mold remediation in order to keep your family safe and healthy.
At A-Accredited Mold Inspection Service of Florida, we are south Florida’s leading mold inspection company for Florida home buyers. We are licensed in both home inspections and mold inspection and can do both for you at the same time. We hold and continuously maintain the required professional home and mold inspection licenses ( 2015) and as independent inspectors and as such we do not have a vested interest in the outcome of our mold tests or home inspections. Our services are honest and objective and for a reasonable fee we can come out and inspect the home you are about to purchase for general home inspection defects as well as mold problems.  Don’t wait until after you have bought the home and moved in. Call us today.

Our inspectors computer and a printed out report from before the days of e mailed PDF reports.

Our inspectors computer and a printed out report from before the days of e mailed PDF reports.

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