Ft Lauderdale Mold Inspector

Mold Inspection ReportDo you need A professional Ft Lauderdale mold inspection service ?

Since 2003 our Ft Lauderdale mold inspector has provided professional services in all of South Florida through A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc.

To aid you with fair and trusted services, we are a no conflict of interest company. We only inspect your property and do not offer removal services.

We present a comprehensive report clearly stating the origin and cause of the mold, type of molds, the quantity of spores your property has per cubic meter of air, locations of the mold infested area, and information on other environmental conditions such as moisture and humidity levels at your home or office. If you are seeking a Ft Lauderdale mold inspector for Ft Lauderdale mold testing you have come to the right place.

Reasons to trust us:


1) You cannot trust your valuable property and health in the inexperienced hands. We have been providing reliable services in the form of Ft Lauderdale mold inspections and testing since 2003 and home inspections since 1994 with many satisfied clients.



2) When using us you will be hiring a Ft Lauderdale  mold testing service that not only is licensed, but that also has third party verification of our skills and knowledge from the (ACAC) or American Council of Accredited Certification. There are many certified Mold inspectors in Ft Lauderdale but we stand tall among all as we also have the (ACAC) Certified Indoor Environmentalist certification.

· Typically, it takes only 2 days to become a certified mold inspector.


· Our American Council of Accredited Certification (ACAC) certified Indoor Environmentalist or CIE certification involved a week long training session and two years of intense experience as a mold inspector along with two years of science educational background at the college level.



3) We provide a comprehensive inspection report gives various causes of occurrence of molds, environmental readings, and recommendations about the best possible remedy. While several local competitors only provide you an incomprehensible lab test report, we give you a lab report as well as a written and understandable mold inspection report that has elaborated details on various issues related to molds made by our Aventura mold inspector.

We not only use mold inspection reporter (MIR) software for creating reports, we also created (MIR) this reporting system is used by many other inspectors nationwide. Thus you receive a quality mold inspection reporter for your allergy doctor, mold attorney, insurance company, or remediation firm.

If you are having mold issues and you reside in Fort Lauderdale we can help. If you reside in Weston, Lauderdale lakes, Fort Lauderdale, or Lauderhill give us a call so you can start to breath easier once again.

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