Aventura Mold Inspectors Testing

Aventura Mold Inspectors Testing
on July 22, 2012 in Florida Mold Articles


Our Aventura mold inspectors are often asked questions about mold and health, especially as it relates to toxic black mold. People all over want to know what types of problems mold can cause. The leading cause of health problems associated with mold is most likely the common mold allergy.
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Certain molds are known for causing infectious tissue diseases by invading and infecting human and animal tissues and mucous membranes. Mold-related sinus infections appear to be common in many persons living in mold contaminated homes. Eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, heart, brain and skin systems have documented infections due to molds. Molds that have the potential to cause these opportunistic infections are found in homes everyday by our certified Florida mold inspector, however, infections in human tissues typically only occur in persons with a compromised immune system.


Many molds also have been shown to produce very scary toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Toxic molds are often recovered while we are conducting Aventura mold testing services for clients. These molds contain mycotoxins, these mycotoxins are located primarily in the mold spores. These mycotoxins are produced by molds to help them compete with and kill other molds and microbes. It’s a type of biological warfare between molds and their competitors. “Mycotoxins are believed to result in headaches, sore throats, hair loss, flu symptoms, diarrhea, fatigue, dermatitis, general malaise (tiredness) and psychological depression.” (Croft et al, 1986, Jarvis, 1995). “Other reported responses to mycotoxin exposure include skin rashes, lesions of the skin and gastrointestinal tract, and interference with blood cell formation.” (Sorenson 1993).
Many of the above effects of toxic mold are the result of lab animal and cell culture studies on toxic black mold, also known as Stachybotrys, and human and animal exposure to Stachybotrys mold-infested hay, or the consumption of mold infested foods. It may or may not be likely that toxic molds can cause the above detrimental effects when humans breathe in mold spores in the home. Our certified Florida mold inspector finds potentially toxigenic mold spores in many moldy homes.
To gather scientifically reliable proof on the effects of breathing toxic mold spores in the home is very difficult.


After breaking down and absorbing food materials in our homes, such as moist dust, water-damaged drywall paper, and wood, molds then produce waste products made up of volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as alcohol aldehydes and acidic molecules. Exposure to volatile organic compounds may result in irritation to the eyes and the respiratory system. Volatile organic compounds can also cause reactions from the trigeminal nerve. This nerve responds to mold VOC and moldy pungent odors by initiating avoidance reactions, such as breath holding and discomfort. Odd sensations may also be noted, including itching, burning, and skin crawling. Changes in sensation, swelling of mucous membranes, constriction of respiratory smooth muscle, or dilation of surface blood vessels may be a part of fight-or-flight reactions in response to trigeminal nerve stimulation. Decreased attention, disorientation, diminished reflex time, dizziness and other effects can also result from such exposures (Otto et al., 1989). The above might sound technical but a certified mold inspector preforming an investigation on a moldy home would put in in much simpler terms and tell you that mold produces odors called MVOC’s and it is these odors that sometimes can cause health issues even if the spores are still trapped in your wall.

The presence of a small amount of even very toxic mold found during, for example your Aventura mold inspection is not necessarily need for immediate or irrational fear. Such molds are not a serious concern for most mold inspectors in Aventura. It seems that most homes even those in Aventura have some potentially toxic mold spores as do most outdoor environments. If unwarranted fear takes over, people become vulnerable to be taken advantage of by dishonest mold inspectors and dishonest mold remediators. It is wise to have your property tested and inspected by a non-biased professional certified mold inspector to determine if concern is warranted and if and what corrective measures are needed.

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