Florida Keys Mold Inspector for Mold Testing in the Fl Keys

Looking for a licensed and certified Florida Keys mold inspector for mold inspections and testing or indoor air quality investigations?

If you need a mold inspector for the Fl Keys including Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon Key, or Key West, give us a call.
Our mold inspection service provides a detailed report containing information on findings, environmental readings, and also, most importantly recommendations pertaining to how to resolve any mold problems found in your property.


Why choose Us:

1) We have no conflict of interest, our sole job is to inspect your property and disclose in a non bias manner information on the type of mold you have, the amounts of spores you have per cubic meter of air, the location of mold issues in your Florida Keys property for the areas inspected, the cause and origin of your mold moisture or humidity problems, and solutions to be implemented by a professional remediator. All this will be in the form of a detailed written report.

2) You do not want to be someone’s learning curve? Or do you want experience?
A Accredited has provided mold testing in your area since 2003 and home inspection since 1993.

We are Fully Certified
3) For dealing with something as important as your health and property value you will need someone who has been verified by a third party such as a licensing agency or certifying body. 3rd party verification of our skills comes from our state license and from our special and advanced ACAC certification designation as CIE or Certified Indoor Environmentalists. So what’s the difference between a CIE and other mold certifications?

· To become a certified mold inspector typically takes 2 days.

· Our American Council of Accredited Certification(ACAC) CIE or certified Indoor Environmentalist certification involved a week long class and also required two years of experience and a minimum of two years science related education at the college level.

4) We provide a detailed inspection report by our mold inspector / testing specialist in the Fl Keys with all findings, molds cause and origins, environmental readings, and recommendations on all our Fl Keys inspections. While some of our competitors provide only a lab report we provide a detailed report. We wrote the mold inspection report forms that other inspectors around the nation use! We not only use, but we also created Mold inspection Reporter.


Serving Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West since 2003.

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