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Offering commercial and residental inspections in Coral Gables, Cocounut Grove, and all of Dade county.



A A Accredited we provide professional quality mold inspection in Coral Gables office buildings, and non-bias expert mold testing for Coconut Grove mold problems. We offers general indoor air quality testing, allergen inspections, leak diagnosis, and humidity problem investigations for residents of seven South Fl counties.

We have been providing quality inspections for South East Florida residents since the early 1990’s.
Starting with health and safety inspections for the state health department from 1991 to 1994.
Home and building inspections for buyers from 1994 to present
Mold testing and indoor air quality inspections from 2003 to present.
Air Quality Testing as an Indoor Environmentalist 2004 to present.

If you need help detecting and diagnosing mold, humidity, or condensation in your Coral Gables property, or you need aid dealing with indoor air quality, odor, or sick building syndrome problems or Coconut Grove mold we have the experience and qualifications to help you breath easier.



Up to 2009 in the state of Florida their existed no license, registration, or regulations, of any type for Coconut Grove mold testing specialists, home inspectors, or mold remediators. The vast majority of those un-licensed mold inspectors were grandfathered into the trade with few requirements when new regulations went into effect for the very first time in 2010.
When new requirements went into effect in 2010 many were grandfathered into the industry.  When choosing an inspection firm or a remediation / abatement company for mold problem removal at your Coconut Grove property make sure that they are licensed by Tallahassee, but also make sure they are members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, and  have been tested and approved by ACAC formally known as the American Indoor Air Quality Council in addition to being licensed.

Industrial hygienists and certified industrial hygienist are also an excellent choice when professional scientific indoor air quality investigations are needed, if you hire an industrial hygienist make sure that they have experience working on mold investigations. Contrary to popular belief not all industrial hygienists conduct mold problem and humidity problem testing. Some for example specialize in testing for asbestos, inorganic toxins, or lead. In fact many if not most specialize in and are trained in the investigation and testing of industrial pollutant exposure among workers in industrial settings. As a result some hygienists are well equipped to deal with mold issues and some are in no way equipped to deal with in depth fungal contamination investigations.

Home inspectors perform inspections of a properties structure, appliances, and systems prior to purchase, this as a great service for potential home buyers wanting to know about a houses condition prior to purchase. Because of their background in building investigations some of these inspectors make good mold inspectors if they have proper additional training, unfortunately some are poorly certified and fail to maintain the proper additional training and knowledge needed to be good mold inspectors. Many of these guys are full of misnomers in regards to mold and may give you a false since of security. However as stated above with proper training and certification these home inspectors sometimes become excellent mold inspectors. I was a home inspector for 10 years before performing my first mold job.

A Accredited mold inspection service, Inc. Provides mold testing in Coral Gables and mold testing in Coconut Grove. We provide local residents with honest and expert services. We are certified by the above referenced ACAC as a CIE or Certified Indoor Environmentalist and is licensed by the state.

A Accredited also holds an allergen inspection certification and many other mold inspection credentials.

Give us a call when you are ready to breath easier.

Let our Coconut Grove mold inspector help you breath easier.



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