Two Common Humidity Mold Problems

  •  Having humidity problems in your oceanfront condo, home, estate home, apartment, or even attic? Give the humidity control specialists at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. a call. Our certified testing specialist can  provide detection services, diagnose, and detailed guidance in regard to rectifying any humidity problems.


  • Common Humidity mold problem among renters.
    Humidity alone even in the absence of water leaks causes many serious mold problems in humid climates. For example during cool winters and early spring months, many small Miami apartments develop severe mold problems  because people stop running AC units all winter long. This is especially true among people from the Caribbean who are used to not running AC units. This condition causes lots of disputes between landlords and tenants. This inspector sometimes sees this among people from the Caribbean islands a few times a week especially during and after colder winters. It is more of a problem in smaller apartments because humidity from  showers and cooking cannot become diluted by large volumes of dry air in a small property. Not using bathroom vent fans makes the problem worse.
  • Common Humidity Mold Problem Among Seasonal Snowbirds.
    Another common type of humidity mold problem is encountered during the humid summer in larger homes on the ocean. Loose windows and loose doors, or open sliding glass doors on high ocean front balconies can  allow humid ocean breezes in, this alone can cause mold. Our inspectors  see this often during mold testing and inspections near the beach. It takes a trained humidity mold inspector to find the mold. To a trained  inspector the areas to look are 2nd nature.
    I cannot tell all the tips of finding where this mold hides, if you  suspect such problems give us a call, we can help find mold and give advice on removal and prevention.The following are two examples of inspections where humidity mold was found to be a problem.

During a 2-3-12 mold inspection at a 7000 square foot Palm Beach mansion the inspector from this firm found mold in over 20 locations, however the mold in all of these areas previously remained hidden in plain sight to all, even the two experienced home inspectors present had no clue to the humidity mold problems all around them.

One month earlier at a condo in Pompano Fl, half way between Miami and Palm Beach Fl. The same mold inspector from this firm found similar conditions that had even remained hidden after an inspection by a mold investigator from another firm, even the other inspector’s air tests had missed the problems because sometimes molds just do not release spores into the air readily.






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