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On Residential Inspections we Service:
West Palm Beach, Miami,
Ft Lauderdale, and all of South East Florida from Vero Beach the Florida Keys. 

For Commercial Mold Inspections we Cover all of Florida.


About Our Local Florida Mold Inspectors


Your local South East Florida mold inspector has the qualifications to help. He has 11 years of mold inspection experience, 21 years of home inspection experience, and 3 years experience as a health inspector. The above has all come together perfectly to enable him to provide accurate mold testing services, detailed visual investigations, and professional written reports.  Past experience includes the successful detection and resolution of mold, humidity, and indoor air quality issues in  apartments, condos, and homes of all sizes including many massive Palm Beach mansions. We have even conducted testing and inspections in some pretty large commercial properties measuring 10,000 to 80,000 square foot. If you are a homeowner, real estate agent, mold attorney, or commercial building manager you have come to the right place, give us a call.

If you need our Florida mold inspectors mold testing experience do not hesitate to call us. We provide assessment services related to a wide range of mold and other indoor air quality related problems. Do not be some ones learning curve or guinea pig! When it is your family’s health or that of your employees the local inspectors decades of experience is key.

Inspecting yachts, homes, schools, and commercial office buildings.


As required in the state your inspector is licensed as a Florida State Licensed Mold inspector. A Accredited was licensed the very first year the state implemented licenses.


Your local inspector is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant or CIEC. Please note that not all certifications are alike. The CIEC Certification is without any doubt one of the nations highest mold and indoor air quality related certifications. Most mold certifications require nothing more than two days of simple classes in a hotel conference room and a simple test in that same room. The CIEC certification requires 8 years of experience or a combination of mold and indoor air quality experience and secondary science education that adds up to eight years. Their is quite obviously a big difference between a certification that was two days in the making and one that was 8 years in the making.
In addition to strict experience related requirements a rigorous exam taken at a proctored testing center is required. Your local inspector Daryl Watters received a 85 on his CIE exam in 2004 and a 96.6 on his even harder CIEC exam in 2015.  As you can now see their is an immense difference between a two day mold certification and a CIEC certification that was 8 years in the making.  If you need professional mold testing or indoor air quality help at your commercial or residential building our state licensed and ACAC certified professionals can help.

In addition to the above referenced CIEC certification our additional certifications include:

Professional Institute (PCI).

Environmental Assessors Association (EAA).

Environmental Solutions Association (ESA).

Mc Crone Research Institute (MCRI).

Court appointed Expert Witness.


All the licenses, experience, and 3rd party testing and accreditation’s in the world are meaningless without knowing you can trust the company you hire. Curious about the quality and integrity of our work?
Our Better Business Bureau rating is an A+.


Your local Florida mold inspection and testing specialist is Daryl Watters. Mr. Watters graduated from Xavier University in 1990 with a degree in education for teaching biology and general science. Because of the key role commercial and residential air conditioning systems play in both preventing and potentially causing mold problems he also took 54 hours of air conditioning I and 54 hours of air conditioning II at South Tech Educational Services in Boynton Beach Fl.



About Our Four Step Process


Step I
The Client Interview

Though often overlooked by our competitors this is without a doubt one of the most important step for any mold testing specialist to take. It is the foundation of all our investigations. In order to answer your mold or indoor air quality related questions we must first know your questions. We start with questioning you over the phone and in the field about any past or current moisture and mold issues, humidity or condensation problems, and suspected moldy odors. Our Florida mold testing specialist must know you’re your very specific concerns before we can help resolve them.


Step II
Visual Inspection and Testing

During our visit we conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of the home, office, or commercial building in question. Our goal is to find signs of water damage and other conditions conductive to fungal growth and overall poor air quality. During this step we utilize as needed the latest equipment the industry has to offer. We utilize devices including:

Infrared thermometers that digitally read temperatures being produced by AC units.
Infrared cameras that can often detect moisture in leaky ceilings from quite a distance.
Handheld moisture meters that pass tiny electrical signals through building surfaces in order to determine the moisture content of such surfaces.
Digital bore scopes that enable our mold specialist to locate mold in concealed areas.
Humidity meters that can read the percentage of evaporated moisture in your air.

Our industry specific detection tools, when combined with human skill enable us to:
1) Determine the cause and origin of problem conditions.
2) More accurately pinpoint where mold may be hiding if in fact it is an issue in your home.

Curious about or mold testing procedures? When home owners need help they call us, and even when attorneys need testing conducted they often call us. Our mold inspector in Fl is skilled at the proper use and interpretation of results from sampling equipment including but not limited to Bio-sis impactors, Cyclex samplers, Buck Bio air pumps, Allergenco cassettes, swabs, Poly carbonate membrane cassettes for allergen sampling, low flow pumps and thermo desorption tubes for chemical analysis, and even the most low tech device in use, but still extremely helpful clear sampling tape.

Step III
Communication of Findings

If you need a quilified investigator to provide a truly expert and professional quality written report do not gamble. We utilize Mold Inspection Reporter Software for generating computerized reports for all our clients. Not only do we use it, but your local mold inspector is the creator of this versatile computerized report writing format also known as MIR! Through our sister company MIR is distributed to other inspectors across the nation. MIR includes a written record of our findings including specific information as to where, how, and why contamination exists if it in fact exists. In addition the MIR document we e mail to you will inform you as to what needs to be done to rectify any allergen, indoor air quality, humidity, or mold issues found.


Step IV

Because we inspect only and do not provide remediation services of any kind we have no conflict of interest thus we have no desire to recommend extensive and expensive corrective measures that are not needed.

Our job is to discover, describe, document, and disclose conditions that may negatively impact your indoor air quality so that you can have such conditions properly addressed.



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